flying goose
flying goose

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In case of a threatened cull in your area:

  • Contact the RSPCA or Animal Aid for advice and useful contacts in your area

  • Contact your local MP, newspapers, and radio stations.

  • Adapt our standard letter to write to the Council or landowner proposing the cull

  • Start a petition against culling the Canada geese (download and adapt our standard template).
  • Know the law. The Wildlife & Countryside Act states that anyone applying for a licence to kill Canada geese must be satisfied that non-lethal methods of population control are either ineffective or impracticable before a licence to cull can be "relied on".  If you have reason to suspect that a landowner has not even tried non-lethal methods before carrying out a cull, then don't hesitate to challenge them on legal grounds.

In case of other problems (injuries to Canada geese etc):

  • Contact your local bird sanctuary (or the RSPCA if you don't have these details).