"I am a supporter of the Canada Goose Conservation Society. I am writing to protest at the proposed culling of Canada geese at xxxxxxx. There are humane alternative methods of population control if numbers really are a problem, such as:- Have you tried any of these? The Wildlife and Countryside Act states that anyone applying for a licence to kill Canada geese must be satisfied that non-lethal methods of population control are either ineffective or impracticable before a licence to cull can be relied on.  If you haven't attempted non-lethal measures, then you are laying yourself open to legal action.

People enjoy seeing Canada geese and scientific studies show that the numbers are now balancing out.
Culling is inhumane for the following reasons:-

Culling is also very expensive; has to be repeated regularly; and is very unpopular with the public. A recent petition against a threatened cull in a Bromley park was signed by 7,000 people.

Please call off the slaughter of Canada geese."